Isn't it nice when technology just works!

Based in Torquay, Ponticello is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can work with your business to provide a 'one stop shop' for your computer support needs.

All our staff are Microsoft certified.


What goes on when you’re not looking?

SystemEyes monitors your entire system remotely. It spots problems first and fast - so they can be solved before they cause expensive downtime.

Take control of your IT system, with SystemEyes.


Complete Business Support

Imagine the comfort of knowing your network is virus free and all your files are safely backed up. Imagine you receive an email each day to prove it.

Our clients don’t have to imagine!


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Keeping up to date with developments in ICT can be a challenge, but our blog has all you need to know.

PonTel Telephone System
Following the announcement that BT Open Reach will be switching off its existing traditional telephone lines (PSTN and ISDN) by 2025, businesses are having to look for an alternative telephony solution.Ponticello can help transform the way your business communicates with our PonTel Cloud Telephone System...
Isn't it nice when WiFi just works?
At a time when the internet is the center of the world, we understand that there’s nothing worse than a bad WiFi connection.  It prevents staff from doing their jobs, it upsets customers and causes guests to complain.That’s why we created Ponticello WiFi.  It’s perfect for hotels, restaurants...