Server hung with Operations are in progress, please wait

If you find your server which uses Acronis to backup hung with the message:

 Operations are in progress, Please wait. The machine will be turned off automatically after operations are complete.

it means the Acronis scheduler service in a Stopping state (hung) and this state will not change.

To fix this without a hard restart - on another computer start MMC, add Computer management snap in and connect to the affected server.
 Have a look in Services and you should see Acronis Scheduler service in Stopping state – hung in other words.Look at the properties of the service and you should find the name of the scheduler program – schedul2.exe 
To find the Pid of this process install PsTools and use the PsList command.
PsList \\server | findstr Schedul2
Use the ‘findstr’ tool also here to filter the output of the PsList command so i only see the relevant process running.

This confirms that yes, this process is running on the target server and will give you the Pid for the process.

Next use PsKill to end that process.

PsKill \\server Schedul2 
Thanks to Robert Pearman for this solution.
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