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Backup Fact Sheet

May 22 2013

Reasons to backupThe single most valuable item in IT is data you have created. At the very least it is worth the time your staff took to create it. Hardware can be replaced, operating systems can be reinstalled, but data can be lost forever. Selecting the best backup depends on many factors but we have the expertise to design and implement a cost effective, robust backup solution.Choice of backup ...

How to collect email using Outlook Web Access

May 22 2013

This document is intended to help small businesses that require computer services in Devon and need to collect email using Outlook Web Access from their Windows Small Business Server. You will need the public IP Address of the server you want to connect to and your user account must have permission to use Outlook Web Access. Outlook Web Access can be used to send and receive email from any location...

Hints and Tips

May 22 2013

This document is intended to help those who need IT support in Devon.Anti-Virus - Protect your network from viruses. Ensure every computer has anti-virus software installed and that it automatically updates and scans regularly. Many viruses spread via email so incoming and outgoing email should be scanned. Firewall - Protect your network from external attack. Install a firewall and make sure ...

How to Install Broadband

May 22 2013

This document is intended to help people who need computer support in Devon and who need help to install broadband.Procedure to install broadbandContact your ISP and sign up for broadband - It usually takes 7 - 10 working days for broadband to be installed and working. Work usually takes place at the telephone exchange so a BT engineer visit should not be necessary.  Once you receive confirmation...