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How to configure Auto Archive in Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007

May 22 2013

This document is intended to help those who need computer support in Devon and need to know how to archive email in Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2007. The following procedure has been tested with Outlook 2007 AutoArchive and Outlook 2003 AutoArchive.Open Outlook and ensure that no emails are open.Click on the TOOLS menu at the top of the screen, then > OPTIONS > OTHER > AUTO...

Firewall Fact Sheet

May 22 2013

This document is intended to help people who need IT support in Devon and advice about installing or testing their firewall.FirewallA hardware firewall is preferable to a software firewall. Many routers have an inbuilt firewall.Windows XP has its own firewall. Service Pack2 installs the security centre and places shortcuts in the control panel.Zone Alarm offer a free firewall for home use: http...

Using HyperV remote management tools over a VPN connection

March 13 2013

It is very useful to be able to use HyperV management tools remotely but getting it to work is another matter. I have sucessfully made this work after some experimentation.1. Make sure server and client are set up to manage and be managed - checking the remote management works on a lan connection first is the best bet.2. The key to this is authentication - on the remote client (in this case my laptop...

Windows 7 / Vista - mapped network drives disconnect themselves.

January 27 2013

In Windows 7 and Vista mapped network drives will disconnect themselves after a time and show a red cross on the drive icon. You will still be able to click on the drive and see/use the contents but applications that require a network drive will see them as disconnected and will not see files.If you try to disconnect the drive it will still sit there saying 'Disconnected Network Drive' - the only ...