How To Best Protect Your Business From Scams & Viruses

April 19 2016

How To Best Protect Your Business From Scams & Viruses

It seems like scammers are always coming up with new ways to get their hands on your money.One of their most dangerous techniques is Crypto Locker – ransomware that locks down all your hard drives until you pay up.A police department in Massachusetts was recently forced to pay the Crypto Locker ransom when they realised they couldn’t break the encryption and they needed the attackers to send them...

How To Manage Your Email Account Using The Dashboard

November 10 2015

This article is for people using Ponticello's email solution and tells you how to manage your account using the dashboard.Advanced Security1. Advanced Security is located within your own portal on the Hosting System.To access this please go to  Use the email address and password that you use to access your Hosted Exchange account via Outlook Anywhere or Outlook...

Advice To TalkTalk Customers Following Cyber Attack

October 23 2015

Officials at TalkTalk have announced that their website came under a 'significant and sustained cyber-attack' on Wednesday.They say there is a chance that data - including names, addresses, dates of birth, bank details and telephone numbers - may have been compromised.It's thought up to four million customers may be affected.A criminal investigation has been launched by the Metropolitan Police...

Police Issue Warning Over Latest Computer Software Scam

October 16 2015

Police in Devon are warning people about the latest scam which has seen some victims conned out of thousands of pounds.It's known as the Microsoft Tech Scam - or Computer Software Service Fraud - and involves call centres cold calling victims claiming to be from legitimate businesses like Microsoft.The caller says that there is an issue with the victim's computer which they offer to fix for a fee....