How To Import And Export Email From Outlook To A PST File

July 27 2015

This is a step by step guide for anybody who wants to export and import email from Outlook to a PST file.To Export:With you email open, click File and this screen will appear: Next, click on Open & Export and you will see this appear:If you click on Import/Export you will see this appear:Next, click Export to a file and then Next and you will see this:Now click Outlook Data File (.pst) and...

Why Your Business Needs System Monitoring

June 15 2015

If you care about your business, and we’re guessing you probably do, then it’s important to ensure you have a robust system monitoring tool in place.We know that a lot of small businesses in Devon don’t necessarily have the time to keep an eye on their IT system – a worrying thought considering how much could be at stake. Server downtime can be a costly experience for many businesses. ...

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Computer Run Faster

February 04 2015

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Computer Run Faster

Is your computer taking a long time to run simple tasks or not working as smoothly as you’d like it to? It’s one of the most common problems you’re likely to encounter and it is hardly surprising when you consider that in the last 10 years, hard disk requirements for computers have increased by over 100 times. Ponticello are specialists in helping you to get the most from your IT systems...

Warning Over BACS Email Scam

January 06 2015

Here at Ponticello we’re advising all our clients to be aware of scam emails containing dangerous attachments.Since mid-December we have seen a large number of infected DOC and XLS attachments in emails.Most recently, infected email is targeted at the finance departments of small and medium sized businesses.A typical email looks like this: Subject:PAYMENT ADVICE 06-JAN-2015.  Content: ...