Switching from Exchange 2003 to Outlook 2013

Peter Hunt September 01 2014

Switching from Exchange 2003 to Outlook 2013

Microsoft Office 2010 has officially been withdrawn from sale. The latest version is Microsoft Office 2013. This causes two issues that will arise now or as soon as you purchase another copy of Microsoft Office or when you purchase a new PC: Outlook 2013 will not work with Exchange 2003 - i.e. your email server. Microsoft Office 2013 cannot be installed on Windows XP or Windows Vista.To help...

Windows XP updates fix

January 08 2014

With Windows XP support being withdrawn in April 2014 you would think that everyone would be switching to Windows 7. However, we have many customers still using XP quite happily and are not going to upgrade until absolutely necessary. So we still have to do fresh installs of XP in the event of hard disk failure. If you do a fresh install of Windows XP with SP3 then Microsoft Updates will not work. ...

Setup Linksys/Cisco SPA IP phones as external extension on 3CX PBX

November 30 2013

Setting up a direct external extension for 3CX has always been a bit of a lottery. It will work with some routers and not others. The 3CX proxu tunnel works OK but you need a computer to use it - also if the Internet connection drops either end it needs to be restarted manually sometimes.I have used the following settings with SPA942, SPA921 and SPA504 phones with 100% success:In the SIP tabRTP...

Advantages of Hosted Anti Virus for Businesses

October 01 2013

Does your Antivirus software slow down your PC?With thousands of new threats created every day, it is more important than ever to invest in comprehensive antivirus cover. But all too often, businesses suffer slow performance during scans as antivirus programs reduce productivity, consume IT resources and clog the network.We have the answer – Managed AntivirusRecognised for its industry-leading detection...