Ponticello makes things work!

We offer a full range of ICT support services! If you are looking for a professional local company to support your business, look no further than Ponticello Ltd!

Computer support to businesses in the South West.

Ponticello provides computer support and IT services to businesses across the South West.

A recent report shows that most companies do not have ICT support and do not know where to get it. Many companies who do have ICT support are supported by a single employee who is only slightly more knowledgeable than other members of staff or rely on ad-hoc support provided by friends or family of the owner. These are often young people who are perceived to be very knowledgeable on ICT matters.

A frequent complaint from the focus group sessions was that it was difficult to find companies that provide a single stop shop for support. Many specialise in hardware, others software, some are ISPs and others telecommunications and network specialists. This has often led to confusion in the minds of managers on where to obtain independent advice.

If this sounds familiar, our support service might be perfect for you.

Some businesses prefer our callout service; local experts a phone call away who can resolve problems fast.

Other businesses prefer the security of our managed service - complete support that takes care of everything.