Anti-Virus Solutions

Imagine the comfort of knowing your network is virus free and all your files are safely backed up. Imagine you receive an email each day to prove it. Our clients don't have to imagine!

Ponticello will ensure your antivirus software is kept up to date. We will check each day that all systems have been scanned and are virus free. We will advise on measures to reduce risk to your computers and help you select appropriate antivirus software.

Antivirus software cannot fully protect your system against spyware and privacy threats. Spyware is commonly bundled with downloaded software, attached to email, or transmitted through a network so it can appear to be legitimate. Spyware can remain hidden and is virtually impossible to detect and remove without dedicated spyware removal tools.

We will install and configure software to remove spyware and protect you against malicious threats.

Our Managed Anti-Virus is just £1.75 per PC or server per month.

Managed Anti-Virus

Please download our Managed Anti-Virus PDF for more information.