Software Updates

Applying software updates and security patches will reduce the risk of system failure, hacking and virus attack. Microsoft releases updates each month so the task of keeping computers up to date can be daunting.

We will check all your computers and regularly update them with software patches, updates and service packs.

Automatic Patch Management

Ensuring that your network has all relevant patches applied for the products of all software vendors is one of the most effective steps you can take to ensure minimum disruption to your computers. However, doing this separately for all computers in your network is a tedious and time-consuming task.

To overcome this problem many of our clients take advantage of our vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities. This provides an effective and efficient solution for Microsoft Windows and Office applications and for non-Microsoft applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Java and more.

SystemEyes monitors all computers and lets us know which software needs patching. Our engineers can then automatically apply updates and patches to your computers.

Patch Management is part of SystemEyes helping us to monitor and protect our clients.