Advantages of Managed Online Backup

How long can your business function if a server goes down?

15 minutes? An hour? Two hours? It is a question you need to ask, but you won’t like the answer. Lost data, expensive downtime…it simply does not bear thinking about. That’s why we’ve written a post communicating the key benefits of a managed online backup service.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery with our BDR Server.

Join the forward-thinking, risk averse businesses who have invested in a BDR Server and relax with peace of mind knowing your data is backed up every 15 minutes. Should the worst happen, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your data is protected and your server will be restored within one hour. Invest in our BDR Server and let Ponticello safeguard your business.

Managed Online Backup Service – The Key Benefits

  • Amazingly fast recovery: Files can be recovered quickly and easily.
  • Virtually eliminate downtime: Full server virtualisation within 60 minutes.
  • Fast and efficient backup: Automatic data backup every 15 minutes.
  • Comprehensive cover: Daily, weekly and monthly archiving of your data.
  • Heightened security: Encrypted data backups.
  • Restore to new hardware: Bare metal restore for servers and PCs.
  • Maximise investment: Multiple servers and PCs can be backed up to a single BDR.
  • Fully Managed: We check every backup and manage data recovery. With SystemEyes backup status is included in daily monitoring reports.

How it Works

We analyse your backup requirements and install a BDR Server at your premises. The BDR server takes scheduled backups of your data so it is ready to recover within minutes. If data has to be recovered, you do not have to wait for a replacement server to arrive. The BDR server is already at your premises, ready to get you working again quickly. Ponticello manages everything. We check the backups and send a daily monitoring report. If data needs to be recovered we remotely connect to the BDR server and start immediately.

How much?

The value of Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery is immeasurable. Get complete protection for your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • Single server: £99.95* per calendar month
  • Additional servers: £49.95* per calendar month

* Excludes VAT

Why choose Ponticello?

Our Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service uses proven technology that has been thoroughly tested, which is why scores of local businesses trust us to look after their IT systems. With years of practical experience, our Microsoft-qualified engineers have the skills and knowledge to help your system perform at its very best. We always explain things clearly to help you make informed choices – and we never recommend work that you don’t really need.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“There is never a good time for a RAID controller to go wrong, but ours decided that during a resource demand spike with two important project deadlines approaching, an important tender being worked on while juggling day-to-day activity would be the best time to irrevocably fail. While we were using cloud for much of the tender work, the projects and normal delivery were
at risk as almost a million files and over two terabytes of data were suddenly inaccessible. We have a good off-site backup strategy in place but were looking at hours and hours of rebuilding.

Thankfully Ponticello’s BDR server solution was evoked instead and they virtualised everything quickly and efficiently. If anything, the backup server is even quicker than our old file server. Brilliant service and a very fast disaster recovery solution, Ponticello’s BDR server is an excellent solution for a business like ours and is highly recommended.”

John Thrower, Managing Director, Handle With Care Ltd, Exeter