We offer complete cover for business critical data - so if fire or theft make it impossible to access a local backup - copies stored securely in UK based datacentres can be recovered.

Critical data protection

Critical data – including files and folders – is all backed up and stored in secure UK based datacentres.

Secure encryption

As an extra layer of protection, all backups are encrypted at source using Advanced Encryption Standard technology.

Control and flexibility

You decide which data you need to backup and this goes into your backup plan. You can change this plan whenever you need to.

What's included?

Here's what you get as standard

  • Instantaneous Backup
  • Safe and Secure
  • Complete Reassurance
  • Flexible
  • 28 day changed data retention
  • Affordable, Flexible Cover

Complete cover

Managed Online Backup from Ponticello is comprehensive, cost-effective, secure and robust.

Our backup strategy covers all of the information you need to keep your business operating.

For example, we ensure that critical system data, all servers (including the operating system), databases and emails are fully backed up.

Be prepared

Critical systems backup

Could your current backup service get you back up and running if the worst happened?

We have spent years testing backup software and storage media. We have helped businesses recover from IT disasters, rebuilt servers and recovered lost data.

We have seen the consequences of badly designed backup strategies and we have learned that a robust, reliable backup solution is vital.

If a server suffers a hardware failure, the backup can be recovered quickly to a new server and we can even lend you a server until your replacement arrives.

How it works

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Peace of mind

You tell us which data you need to protect, and we manage the entire process for you. Copies are stored securely in UK based datacentres.



We will schedule backups to run at the best time to suit your business – including outside business hours.

Fast recovery

Previous backups are retained for 28 days so you can restore your most recent data or any older version.

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