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Is your public WiFi system fit for purpose? Whether you are looking to offer WiFi to the public for the first time or are tired of dealing with complaints about it, give Pon WiFi a try. Boost your brand by treating your customers to a secure and reliable WiFi service.

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Ponticello WiFi is perfect for hotels, clubs, restaurants and any venue offering WiFi to the public.

Reliable and hassle free

Ponticello WiFi is reliable, cost effective, hassle free and a great way to provide legally compliant access to the Internet

Quick and easy

Guests can get online in seconds and you have the option to ask for an email address – turning your WiFi into a lead generation tool.

Simple for your staff

You and your team can access your management portal at any time to monitor WiFi activity and see who is connected.

What's included?

Here's what you get as standard

  • Easy Access
  • Affordable
  • Quick Logon
  • Data Roaming
  • Airtime Fairness
  • Integrates with TripAdvisor
Pon WiFi is great for guests and your business

Get 10/10 reviews for your WiFi service

Hotels and restaurants using Pon WiFi are reporting glowing reviews on third party websites like Booking.com, which increasingly ask about WiFi service. Pon WiFi also integrates with TripAdvisor, providing a fantastic opportunity for free word of mouth marketing and first hand feedback from customers.

Perfect for hotels, clubs & restaurants

Outstanding WiFi

Any venue

Pon WiFi is perfect for hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants and any other venue wanting to offer a secure and reliable WiFi service to the public.

Fast installation

Businesses using Pon WiFi are often amazed at how quickly we get them up and running. Upgrade your public WiFi provision with minimal service disruption.

Safe and secure

Pon WiFi ticks all the boxes when it comes to compliance and privacy protection. Your customers can enjoy a secure, worry-free online experience.

"Better than anything we have had before.

"Ponticello upgraded our WiFi in August 2016. It took less than a day. We needed some new cabling and the latest WiFi access points. My staff are delighted because guests no longer keep asking reception to fix WiFi issues.

"We have had more than 300 devices using WiFi and more than 120GB downloaded in a single day. More than 7500 guests have used the system and left their email addresses. Ponticello WiFi is better than anything we have had before. I am happy to endorse it."

Marketing Manager

Passagehouse Hotel

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