Does your hospitality business need to do IT differently? For 25 years, we’ve provided IT services to a range of hospitality businesses in Devon. From hotels to restaurants, we ensure smooth running systems to keep staff and customers happy. From public WiFi to IT support, we take care of it.

Tailored package of solutions for hospitality

Pon WiFi

If you regularly receive complaints about poor WiFi, our secure and reliable public WiFi solution could be the answer to your problems.

PonTel VoIP phone system

Our feature-packed internet-based phone system can transform the way your business communicates and increase productivity by enabling staff to work from anywhere.

Managed IT Support

Is it time to make IT problems a thing of the past? If so, our Managed IT Support service is the perfect solution for all your computer support needs.

Everything for the

Hospitality sector

Public WiFi to be proud of

There is nothing worse than a bad WiFi connection for a busy hospitality business. It prevents staff from doing their jobs and has the potential to upset customers. Our Pon WiFi system is perfect for any venue that needs to offer safe, reliable WiFi to the public.

Save money on your phone system

If your phone system is more than a couple of years old, you are probably paying more than you need to. With a quick and easy installation process, no expensive set-up fees and no disruption to your business, switching to PonTel couldn’t be easier.

Bespoke managed IT support

With a bespoke package based on your needs, 24/7 proactive system monitoring and our technicians a call away, you can rest assured your IT system is in safe hands. With cyber attacks on the rise, there’s never been a better time to invest in keeping your IT system secure.

"Thank you for your excellent support of the WiFi in Fiveway Apartments. Connection, speed and security is very important to our guests, so much so, have a separate category for WiFi on the guest reviews and we consistently get 10/10 for our WiFi. We can’t get much better than that!"

Kevin Cope

Fiveway Apartments

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