Web Protection

Web Protection puts you in full control of your web filtering, helping protect your business from security breaches, legal liability, improper network usage and poor productivity.

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Web Security

Are you worried a mistake by staff might lead to your IT system being compromised? Human error is the number one cause of security breaches which can lead to financial loss and legal problems. Web Protection reduces your business risk by stopping users from visiting malicious sites pushing malware, spyware, adware and spam.

Web Filtering

Is staff productivity suffering due to the distractions of the Internet? Ponticello’s Web Filtering software offers a technological solution to the common problem of keeping team members focused on the work at hand. With common sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace, we help your staff stay productive.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Do you suspect that the company Internet is being used to download videos, games or other high bandwidth content? Ponticello’s Bandwidth Monitoring technology will automatically alert you when there’s excessive bandwidth activity on your network, helping you maintain productivity and get the most out of your bandwidth.


Three step process


You can monitor online activity and block access to malicious websites, protecting your network and devices from harm.


Web Protection will help protect your business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach.

Reduce risk

Web Protection reduces the risk of viruses and malware compromising your network. It won’t slow down your system or affect performance.

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