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Case Study - Brixham Theatre

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At Ponticello, we understand the importance of reliable, functional, and user-friendly systems that are intuitive to use and work for your business. Common technological problems faced by businesses (including insufficient bandwidth, slow connections and old equipment) aren’t just a nuisance: the added downtime reduces productivity and ultimately has an impact on your business’ bottom line. At Ponticello we understand this, and our solutions are carefully constructed to deliver a seamless, efficient and ultimately effective solution to these common problems; we work closely with each customer to ensure systems are kept healthy and up-to-date. Most importantly, we ensure that our clients will have powerful, functional systems that work when they are needed most.
To provide consistently functional solutions our job spans far beyond just installation. Every time we work with a client we begin with thorough research to understand the client needs, the way in which the business works, and the systems already in place, to help us tailor a bespoke package that will be most effective for them. To make sure the service continues to meet the client’s needs over time, we regularly check-back to ensure that everything is working well.
Good technology means it works every time, and good support means we’re always on hand to resolve any potential issues speedily and without fuss. 

Brixham Theatre Background

Brixham Theatre is a brand new community volunteer organisation taking on the management of a well-established venue. When the organisation that had run the theatre for eight years chose to end their lease, the future of a much-loved and important community asset looked to be in danger. A public meeting was called, and a dedicated core of volunteers stepped forward to take on the significant challenge of managing this beautiful arts venue.

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Claiming Brixham Theatre is just a venue hosting a range of professional acts would be underselling its vital role in the community: it hosts youth drama groups, puts on amateur productions throughout the year and helps give a platform to new and emerging performers. At Ponticello we understand the important role volunteer enterprise plays within our community and wanted to do all we could to lend a helping hand. 

Challenges Facing Brixham Theatre

Sale of tickets - Theatre-goers expect a system that works when booking tickets. Whether through the box office or online, the theatre needs to be able to sell tickets quickly and efficiently.

Keeping track of capacity - To maintain a safe environment the theatre needs to know how many people are at a show and to keep track of their selling patterns. The theatre has a handheld scanning system that tracks tickets in the auditorium, but patchy WiFi was making this inefficient to use.

Box Office IT - Old computers and hardware were slowing the Box Office down, making it difficult to deal with customer enquiries efficiently. 

How We Helped

Poor WiFi is a pain - That’s why we installed our fast, reliable and legally-compliant PonWifi system. Now there is WiFi for theatre staff and for public-access throughout the venue. Our signature WiFi means no patchy spots and no poor connectivity; WiFi that just works.
Tickets that scan - The pre-existing ticket tracking system is now connected to fast, reliable PonWifi. A system that was struggling to keep up can now keep track of auditorium capacity in real time.
An efficient Box Office - We supplied and continue to support computer equipment and printers for the Box Office. The result is an office that can quickly and efficiently process customer enquiries and ticket sales in a slick and professional manner. 

The Outcomes

The combination of new technology and ongoing support have helped the theatre to achieve an efficient, reliable and fast system for managing the sale of tickets and the guest access to WiFi within the building is great for capturing real-time feedback and sharing updates on social media! 


Here’s what Brixham Theatre Charitable Incorporated Organisation (BTCIO) have to say about using Ponticello IT systems, VOIP phones, Internet and WiFi:

“BTCIO took over the running of the theatre on 1 May 2018. We were presented with a completely blank canvas - empty theatre, empty bank account and empty calendar. First on the to do list was a proper computerised box office solution. Ponticello were instrumental in setting up our box office with computer, ticket printer, VOIP phone system and most importantly fast, reliable Internet and WiFi. The WiFi is essential to our running as tickets are scanned on handheld devices on entry to reconcile ticket sales. Also, we have a 'popup' box office using a laptop that can be used anywhere in the building connected with WiFi. Thank you Ponticello for a professional resilient solution to our IT needs.”  

Julian Fisher - Chairman BTCIO

“Thanks to the generosity and professional services of Ponticello, the IT systems in the theatre make ticket sales a simple process. Scanning tickets is easy and WiFi communication with the software gives us an instant count of people in the auditorium - essential for fire safety regulations. My job as treasurer is made easier by being able to reconcile sales figures with accurate printouts from the software. The VOIP phone system has all the features you could wish for with digital receptionist, voicemail and call redirection, which we use all the time. We could not operate efficiently without these systems.” 

Charles Oldroyd - BTCIO Treasurer

“When we started running the theatre it was essential to get the box office systems in place and working. Ponticello kindly offered to sponsor BTCIO by supplying and supporting IT systems in the box office including a computer, dedicated ticket printer, fast Internet connection and professional standard WiFi. This was all installed on day one and we were selling tickets immediately. All the systems have been ultra-reliable with zero downtime.”  

John Budden - BTCIO Events Manager

At Ponticello, we work with a wide range of businesses across the South West, providing complete computer support to take care of everything. If you would like to discuss our IT support services, please get in touch on 01803 200402 or email

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