How To Best Protect Your Business From Scams & Viruses

It seems like scammers are always coming up with new ways to get their hands on your money.

One of their most dangerous techniques is Crypto Locker – ransomware that locks down all your hard drives until you pay up.

A police department in Massachusetts was recently forced to pay the Crypto Locker ransom when they realised they couldn’t break the encryption and they needed the attackers to send them the key in order to access their data.

Although many experts say victims should refuse to pay the attackers, many of them actually do, so they can get their data back and get back to business.

As well as things like Crypto Locker, thousands of new threats are being created every day.

It means it’s more important than ever to make sure you have robust anti-virus protection in place and an up to date back up of all your data.

That’s where Ponticello IT Solutions can help.

Our Managed Anti-Virus is recognised for its industry leading detection rates. It combines advanced anti-virus and anti-spyware technologies to provide complete security – without slowing down your PCs.

It costs just £3 per PC per month and you can find more details under the Services section of this website.

As well as robust anti-virus, an up to date back up of all your business critical data is also essential.

Ponticello’s Managed Online Back Up is powerful, reliable and secure. We offer complete cover for business critical data with copies stored securely in UK based datacentres.

At Ponticello IT Solutions we provide practical support, efficient management of your IT systems and vigilant monitoring.