How to use Rules to filter SPAM in Microsoft Outlook 2007

The following procedure will move any email containing the words ‘viagra OR Cialis’ to a SPAM folder.

Create a SPAM folder by right clicking ‘Inbox’ and selecting ‘New Folder’.

At the top of the Outlook screen click Tools > Rules and Alerts > New Rule

Highlight ‘Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder’ and click ‘specific words’ in box ‘Step2’.

Type filter words one at a time and press ‘Add’. Press ‘OK’.

Click on ‘Specified’ in box ‘Step2’ and select the ‘spam’ folder.

Click ‘next’ and select the appropriate boxes to set conditions for the rule. In this example I want to ‘with specific words in the subject or body’

Click ‘next’ and select ‘move it to the specified folder’

Click ‘next’ and set any exceptions to the rule and Click ‘next’ again.

Type a name for the new rule and ensure ‘Turn on this rule’ is ticked. Click ‘Finish’

Once the rule is active, any mail containing the filter words in the subject or body text will be moved to the SPAM folder.

It is possible to amend the rule to filter additional words or to delete SPAM mail rather than move it.

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