Setup Linksys/Cisco SPA IP phones as external extension on 3CX PBX

Setting up a direct external extension for 3CX has always been a bit of a lottery. It will work with some routers and not others. The 3CX proxu tunnel works OK but you need a computer to use it - also if the Internet connection drops either end it needs to be restarted manually sometimes.

I have used the following settings with SPA942, SPA921 and SPA504 phones with 100% success:

In the SIP tab

RTP Parameters

Note the RTP port range - this must be port forwarded in your router to the IP address of phone

RTP Packet Size = 0.020

NAT Support Parameters

Handle VIA recieved = yes
Handle VIA rport = yes
Insert VIA recieved = yes
Insert VIA rport = yes

To use STUN STUN Enable = yes
STUN server = (or any public STUN server)
EXT IP = blank

To use fixed IP STUN Enable = no
STUN server = blank
EXT IP = public IP of your 3CX system

Ext 1 tab

NAT Settings

NAT Mapping Enable = yes
NAT Keep Alive Enable - yes

Proxy and Registration

Proxy = public IP of 3CX system
Use Outbound Proxy = no

Subscriber Information

Display Name = display name
User ID = extensiom number
Password = password
Use Auth ID = yes
Auth ID = auth ID


Dialplan = [x*].

(note the dot in dial plan)


The only downside is that you have to port forward the RTP ports in your router - this is the bit that some router allow through without forwarding.

If you want more than one phone as an external extension on the same network then change the RTP port range on the other phone(s) and forward that range to them in your router.

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