PonTel Telephone System

Following the announcement that BT Open Reach will be switching off its existing traditional telephone lines (PSTN and ISDN) by 2025, businesses are having to look for an alternative telephony solution.

Ponticello can help transform the way your business communicates with our PonTel Cloud Telephone System.

It’s software based, runs on cloud servers and works with Voice over IP to provide a great solution to all your telephony needs.

There are hundreds of features available as standard with the PonTel Cloud Telephone System including: call transfer, ring groups, call queues, voicemail to email, call recording, call forwarding and a digital receptionist.

You can also access it on multiple devices including mobiles and desktops.

As well as all this, the clients we have up and running on PonTel have saved an average of 50% in running costs since switching to us.

Here at Ponticello we have been using the system in our offices for eight years and have proved its reliability and features – but don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what some of the people using PonTel have to say about it:

“We’ve saved a massive 46% on our phone costs since switching to PonTel and have been really impressed with the system. Set up was easy, we kept our existing number and the voice quality is perfect. I would thoroughly recommend making the switch to PonTel.”

Trevor Downing – The Trevor Downing Practice

“The PonTel Cloud Telephone System has saved us money whilst also being very current and affordable. We have been extremely pleased with Ponticello’s help and advice. Also, upgrading to an extra phone line has definitely increased productivity.”

Dale Triffitt – Clothing Your Way – Torquay

“We have been thrilled with the service since switching to PonTel. Our phone system now is better than what we had before and it is cheaper. Ponticello made sure switching was quick and easy and PonTel’s features help us run our business more efficiently.” 

Martyn Thom – Spiritbond Ltd

There are lots of benefits of the PonTel Cloud Telephone System and these include:

  • Big savings compared to using a traditional phone line or PBX system.
    The average business using PonTel has saved around 50% on their phone costs since switching and call charges are very competitive.
  • Quick and easy installation.
    All we need to do at your location is take an IP phone out of its box and plug it into your Internet connection. We can do the rest remotely or onsite as appropriate.
  • No on-site equipment other than the phone handsets.
    The only hardware you need are the telephones which connect to your network using the same connection as the computer. This means there are no expensive cabling costs.
  • You can keep your current number.
    New numbers can also be added very quickly and there’s the option to have an 0800 number or geographical dial code of your choice
  • You can take your extension anywhere.
    It seamlessly integrates as if you were in the office. Not only are all calls to the office free, but employees can use one single number and make a professional impression.  It enables people to work from anywhere, slash their mobile phone bills and increase productivity.

The PonTel Cloud Telephone System can be installed in a flash with no disruption to the running of your business.  There’s no time-consuming installation process or expensive set up fees.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how the PonTel Cloud Telephone System can transform the way your business communicates and save you money, please call Ponticello today on 01803 200 402.