The impact of poor WiFi on guest reviews

At Ponticello, we understand that there is nothing worse than a bad WiFi connection, especially in the hospitality industry. With over 60% of guests saying they would not return to a hotel with poor or no WiFi, it is vital to invest in a reliable public WiFi solution. In this blog, we highlight just how important public WiFi is to hotel success, gaining repeat custom and receiving positive online reviews.

With customer comfort high on the list of priorities for hoteliers, it is now just as important that good public WiFi makes it onto this priority list. With most guests trying to connect to hotel WiFi within 7 minutes of arrival, first impressions begin before they have even reached their room. Equally, if there is a WiFi connection in place – but it is difficult for guests to access – it will cause irritation, as almost 70% of people say they will stop using a WiFi hotspot with a poor registration process.

Keeping negative reviews at bay

With so much competition in the hotel industry, it is important to keep guest satisfaction high and online reputations intact. The majority of online reviews are only written because people are very happy or very unhappy, and in order to avoid damaging their hotel’s reputation, hoteliers need to prevent the possibility of receiving negative reviews. Poor connection, no WiFi, couldn’t register for internet access, are all phrases that may put a potential customer off when reading online reviews. 

In a world that is constantly connected, quality WiFi will remain a priority when researching and booking accommodation for both personal and business trips. Not only will outstanding WiFi keep guests happy, but it can also help encourage them to return. A simple login process will offer hoteliers the chance to collect email addresses in a GDPR friendly way, prompt guests to leave TripAdvisor reviews and visit social media pages – all of which will help gain repeat custom. 

Isn’t it nice when WiFi just works?

A good WiFi solution goes hand-in-hand with keeping negative online reviews at bay. If a hotel does not have a reliable WiFi hotspot in place, it could be damaging the guest experience, and with most guests preferring reliable WiFi to a free breakfast, it is easy to see how bad WiFi can influence negative online reviews. If you regularly receive complaints about poor WiFi, Ponticello WiFi could be the answer!

Hear are what some of the businesses already using Ponticello WiFi have to say about it:

“Costs are down and service levels are up. Our guests enjoy fast and reliable WiFi throughout the hotel. It is easy to use and we have not needed to call support once. I am really pleased with the service, it has removed problems with WiFi and we are getting improved reviews on TripAdvisor.”Brett Powis, Owner of the Babbacombe Hotel“Ponticello were recommended to us by another hotel which is always a good sign and since commissioning a new WiFi system we have been delighted with the results. Our system is faster, more efficient and the feedback from our guests has been really positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ponticello to others.”

Rhys Roberts, Director of the Best Western Tiverton Hotel

“One of our favourite suppliers who consistently deliver exceptional customer service, products and solutions. Highly recommend!”

Pier Point Restaurant & Bar – Torquay