Warning: New Email Scam in Circulation

We’ve been alerted to reports of a new scam email circulating within the local business community.  This is known as a ‘phishing’ email and the sender will appear to be someone that you regularly communicate with via email. There will be a link encouraging you to download an attachment – do not open it! 

These emails are effective because they look genuine, but the attachment is a virus which can gain access to sensitive data. If you are suspicious of an email or attachment, the best thing to do is to contact the source directly by telephone asking for confirmation that it is a legitimate email, if it is not, delete and report it immediately. 

If you have already clicked the attachment, do not despair. Immediately turn off your computer to stop it spreading to other contacts in your address book. You should then contact your IT support team or talk to us. 

We hope that this knowledge of what to look out for and how to prevent these attacks from happening helps you to stay safe. If your business needs IT support, find out more about our services.