Why Your Business Needs System Monitoring

If you care about your business, and we’re guessing you probably do, then it’s important to ensure you have a robust system monitoring tool in place.

We know that a lot of small businesses in Devon don’t necessarily have the time to keep an eye on their IT system – a worrying thought considering how much could be at stake. Server downtime can be a costly experience for many businesses. 

So what sort of things does a system monitoring tool regularly check?  

Well here are some of the things that we consider to be important…

  • Anti-virus errors 
  • Back-up errors
  • Hacker attacks 
  • Website errors
  • Unexpected file and folder sizes 
  • Drive space problems
  • E-mail system performance 
  • Disk performance
  • Network device performance 
  • Remote connectivity problems

Imagine having to check all of the above yourself on a regular basis or having to manage issues when they crop up. We’re pretty sure it won’t be the best use of your (or your IT department’s) time. 

What sorts of solutions are available?

Ponticello’s very own System Monitoring tool – SystemEyes – monitors your entire system remotely, every few minutes, night and day.  It scans each server and PC for errors and therefore problems are spotted almost instantly.

If SystemEyes finds a problem, our engineers can often fix the fault remotely for you straight away, or we can alert you within minutes. At night, the system is automatically set to inform you about critical problems – so you won’t find nasty surprises waiting for you the next day.

Why choose SystemEyes?

  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Spots problems fast to reduce downtime
  • Helps prevent major system failure
  • Daily report for complete peace of mind
  • Weekly and monthly management reports

And if that’s not enough here’s what Matt Bettesworth of Bettesworth had to say…

“Thanks to SystemEyes, we knew straight away when one of the disks on our server failed late one evening. Ponticello corrected the problem overnight, so all our staff were able to work the next day as usual. We couldn’t have managed it without SystemEyes.”

How much will it cost?

We understand the importance in finding a solution which works for you, which is why we offer all customers a free 30 day trial. At only 50p a day for a server, and less than 10p a day for a PC, the SystemEyes service is exceptional value. There are no set-up costs and no hidden charges. All you need to enjoy the SystemEyes service is a PC or server with a connection to the internet. SystemEyes runs invisibly in the background and the amount of data transmitted to our server is smaller than a text email.