Reasons to backup

The single most valuable item in IT is data you have created. At the very least it is worth the time your staff took to create it. Hardware can be replaced, operating systems can be reinstalled, but data can be lost forever. Selecting the best backup depends on many factors but we have the expertise to design and implement a cost effective, robust backup solution.

Choice of backup media

There are many viable choices of backup media; floppy disk, tape, DVD or CD, disk arrays, external or removable disk drives.

Online backup solutions allow you to securely copy files to a data warehouse. This can be extremely cost effective. Two online hosting companies:

Choice of Backup Software

VERITAS Backup Exec is industry standard software used by many businesses.

Microsoft Backup is free and comes as standard on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Second Copy, winner of the Shareware Industry Conference People’s Choice Award.

People’s Choice Award

Second Copy

Custom backup solutions from Ponticello

There are reports that say that of the companies suffering a catastrophic data loss – and with no disaster recovery plan – 43% don’t re-open and 51% close within two years.

Backup is included as part of our Managed Service.