This document is intended to help those who need IT support in Devon.

Anti-Virus – Protect your network from viruses. Ensure every computer has anti-virus software installed and that it automatically updates and scans regularly. Many viruses spread via email so incoming and outgoing email should be scanned. 

Firewall – Protect your network from external attack. Install a firewall and make sure it is configured correctly. Do not assume that no one will be interested in probing your company’s network. A good ADSL router with an inbuilt firewall can cost under £100.

SPAM – If you receive SPAM email do not assume ‘unsubscribing’ will work; often this only confirms that your address is live. If SPAM is a major problem, read our SPAM guide. Find out all you need to know about SPAM from SpamHaus, web address below.

Email & ISP – Try to separate your email from your ISP. It can be beneficial to use different hosting companies for email and Internet. In this way, if your ISP is having problems you can still access email. Conversely, if your email is not working you will still be able to access the Internet.

Adware – A spy in your PC. Spyware, adware, browser hijackers, and diallers are among the fastest-growing threats on the Internet. Simply by browsing to a web page, you could find your computer to be the brand-new host of one of these unwanted fiends! Links to free anti-spyware tools below.

Broadband – An ADSL broadband Internet connection is the only viable way to connect to the Internet. ISDN is no longer available and dialup is to slow for any useful purpose. The ‘Think Broadband’ website offers advice about ISPs value and performance. Use the ‘compare’ feature to check performance between different ISPs. Link Below.

Backup – The single most valuable item in IT is data you have created. Hardware can be replaced, operating systems can be reinstalled but data can be lost forever. There are many viable backup solutions; tape, DVD or CD, external or removable disk drives. Selecting which backup solution works best for you depends on many factors but we have the expertise to design and implement a robust backup system. See out Backup Fact Sheet for details.

IT Support – If you need help or support with IT call us. Our experts can offer help and advice on all aspects of IT.

Microsoft Updates – Keep all computers up to date with security updates. Microsoft regularly publishes product updates and security updates. Many are developed in response to new security threats. Computers that are not kept up to date are at risk.

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