This document is intended to help those who need computer support in Devon and need to know how to archive email in Microsoft Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2007. The following procedure has been tested with Outlook 2007 AutoArchive and Outlook 2003 AutoArchive.

Open Outlook and ensure that no emails are open.

Click on the TOOLS menu at the top of the screen, then > OPTIONS > OTHER > AUTO ARCHIVE

Most archive settings are optional (mine are shown above). The two key settings are:

1. Clean out items older than x days/weeks/months

2. Apply these settings to all folders now

Once these settings are applied Outlook will move or delete old mail. The archive folder will be visible in Outlook at the bottom of the mail folders list:

It is important to remember that items moved to the archive are removed from Microsoft Exchange Server and will not be backed up on the server. Archived items are only stored on your PC or laptop.

Microsoft Exchange Server is not designed for long term storage of important documents and files. Anything that is precious or important should be saved elsewhere.