This document is intended to help business users who need computer service in Torbay and who need to use ‘print to file’.

Specifically in this case, a user is working from home and needs to print from an application at work to the printer at home.

The PC at work does not have the same printer as the printer at home. This document shows how to create a print job at work and print the resulting file at home.

FIRST open the properties of your (HOME) printer and share it. For this example we assume the sharename of the printer is KYOCERA

  1. On the remote (WORK) PC Install a file printer using the driver CD for your HOME printer:

NB – Local printer with auto detect unticked.

Use the following port: FILE as shown below. If ‘FILE’ is not there you will need to create a new port.

From this point on, the procedure is the same as for a physically attached printer. You must use the correct printer driver. The PC at work does not have the same printer as the user has at home. In this scenario you must install a file printer on the WORK PC using the print driver CD from the HOME PC.

Now create a print file using the newly created file printer

Manually complete the ‘Print to file’ dialog box. Ensure the path is correct ‘c:\temp’ in this case, and that the file name ‘TEST.PRN’ has a ‘PRN’ suffix.

Click ok and a new file is created – shown below:

You can repeat this procedure to create as many print files as yout want. Now copy the file or files to the computer with the printer you want to use.

To print the files, open a command prompt: start > run > cmd > enter
To print the file in this example type the following:

copy /B c:\temp\test.prn \computer\kyocera

(The syntax is: copy /B c:\FileLocation \ComputerName\PrinterShareName)