Getting Prepared to Work From Home

As the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus across the UK continues to rise, many businesses are thinking about how they can cope if they need to close their offices for a while. Thankfully, the technology is available to make working from home a viable option for many organisations. Cloud-based services such as Google Drive and Dropbox make sharing and collaborating on files easy, but what about handling phone calls and email? That’s where Ponticello can help.


Anyone can access their work emails from home if they use an email client such as Outlook. Mailboxes can also be accessed via webmail and on mobile phones and tablets. Of course, as a business you will need to supply the relevant information for staff to log in and read their messages. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact us for help.


If you are already using Ponticello’s VoIP telephone system, then using your phone outside of the office is very straightforward. You can simply take your VoIP handset home with you and plug it into your home router.The only other thing required is to make sure users have permission to access the VoIP network from home. To get this set up, all we need is the details of all the people who will be taking their phones home. We can then set them up with an account and give them permission to access the VoIP network remotely.We can also supply additional handsets if you need them, so everyone who needs a VoIP phone at home can have one.An alternative to a VoIP handset is to use a virtual phone number. It’s quick and easy to divert calls made to a virtual number on to an existing home landline or mobile.

Virtual phone numbers

We can provide you with as many additional virtual phone numbers as you need. You can then supply everyone with a direct dial number so they can divert their calls to another number, such as their home phone or mobile.This can be ideal if people work at different locations – rather than continually playing phone tag across multiple numbers, they can give out a single number where they can always be reached. You can also set up a message mailbox for times when they are not available to answer calls live.Whether you are an existing Ponticello client or are new to us, we are happy to help and provide advice on how to prepare for any potential disruption.Please contact us today and we’ll help get you ready in case you and your staff need to start working from home.You can call on 01803 200402 or email

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