How to Install Broadband

This document is intended to help people who need computer support in Devon and who need help to install broadband.

Procedure to install broadband

  1. Contact your ISP and sign up for broadband - It usually takes 7 - 10 working days for broadband to be installed and working. Work usually takes place at the telephone exchange so a BT engineer visit should not be necessary.
  2. Once you receive confirmation that broadband has been enabled, install and configure the equipment listed below.

Select an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Many people prefer to stay with their existing ISP, others wish to change. For independent, consumer based reports on ISPs go to Click on 'compare broadband' on the left hand side then select broadband providers you wish to compare.

Why you need a router and firewall

Broadband is an 'always on' service which means that your PC could be connected to the internet 24 hours a day. Therefore you must use a firewall to protect against unwanted intrusion.

The following firewall-router costing about £80 from Netgear is recommended:

This is a robust, wireless router with an inbuilt firewall, it offers good security and ease of use.

Why Wireless

A wireless router offers both kinds of connection. You can directly attach your PC using a cable, OR by using a wireless connection you can move your PC anywhere in the house without worrying about a network cable. You need a wireless NIC - (Network Interface Card). Best of all though, anyone can attach a laptop when they visit. Many PCs can surf the web at the same time and you can still use the phone. 

Line Splitter

You will need a phone line splitter (also called a DSL filter) (£10) and you might need a NIC (£20) if your PC doesn't have one ... or a wireless NIC (£50). 

Surge Protectors

All IT equipment should be protected by surge protectors, especially the router which is connected to the phone line. A lightning strike or power surge could damage IT equipment.

The cost of installing broadband

1. Set-up fee to your ISP - a one off payment of about £50.
2. Monthly rental to your ISP – about £20 for broadband.
3. Component parts:
i. ADSL router with firewall £80
ii. Line splitter £10
iii. NIC £20 (£50 wireless)
iv. Network lead £5
v. Surge Protector £20

Read an independent guide to installing broadband here

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