How to collect email using Outlook Web Access

This document is intended to help small businesses that require computer services in Devon and need to collect email using Outlook Web Access from their Windows Small Business Server. You will need the public IP Address of the server you want to connect to and your user account must have permission to use Outlook Web Access. 

Outlook Web Access can be used to send and receive email from any location in the world. You can safely use Outlook Web Access on a public shared computer because all email is stored on the server at work. Your email is not stored on any PC using Outlook Web Access.

To connect to your email, open Internet Explorer and enter the public IP Address of your work server followed by /exchange: (replace x with the IP address of your server).

Despite what the message shown above is telling you, there is not a problem with the security certificate. The email server at work is using a self signed certificate which causes the error.

To continue click ' Continue to this website (not recommended)'. You will see the Outlook Web Access login screen:

Use the same username and password that you use to login to your PC at work.

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